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As the University enters its third century, we invite you to help shape our forward direction by providing thoughts on the following questions:


How do we create an unparalleled residential experience for students, in and out of the classroom? How do we strengthen the sense of community on Grounds, with the greater Charlottesville region, and with our alumni?


How do we best enable faculty to discover new knowledge? How do we best enable students to learn about the past, themselves, and the world around them?


How do we provide the most valuable service to the Commonwealth? How do we prepare our students for a lifetime of service, regardless of their chosen fields?

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Richmond Event
Trick or Treating on the lawn strikes me as a stellar example of UVA reaching out to bring communities (UVA students, faculty, alum, and Cville residents together. Events like this one reinforce the way we ought to be planning and organizing, plus it involves the youngest members of our common community and shows them how we can work and have fun together. Is it scalable?
Alumna/us & Community Member
Consider having fewer undergraduate requirements. Instead, a broader Echols-like program where more students can create interdisciplinary majors under the supervision of several faculty members and graduate students. Promising that kind of academic freedom to more applicants would attract students to UVA, is in keeping with Jefferson's founding vision for the school, and would force UVA to rethink its curriculum and offerings.
Faculty & Alumna/us
In a world that is drastically changing we need to be able to prepare students to tackle big scary challenges through risk taking, innovation and creativity. This can only be done by taking an approach that breaks down disciplinary silos and allows cross pollination to occur. According to the World Economic Forum, 65% of children entering primary school today will ultimately end up working in completely new job types that don’t yet exist. How do we adapt the education model for this reality?
Trick or Treating on the Lawn
Add a mandatory volunteer class (could have a variety of available classes or opportunities that engage in bettering the Charlottesville community) to graduation curriculums in E-School and the college.
Create an innovative way to connect volunteer opportunities with people seeking to volunteer. Perhaps an online portal? Many students can't commit to a scheduled post via Madison House, yet want to volunteer and aren't aware of opportunities in our area. Can we create a website that allows needs to be presented by local organizations and then filled by our willing and generous community on a recurring basis or as a "pop up volunteerism" concept? Let's make it easier to donate time and talents.
Alumna/us & Community Member
Our community goes beyond grounds, beyond Charlottesville, beyond Virginia and beyond the United States. Building community means building a world we can all live in; one we all want to live in. That world starts with a livable climate. UVa must do all we can to tackle climate change. We must lead by example, setting aggressive targets for eliminating fossil fuels from our energy supply and reducing energy use in our programs, buildings and facilities. We must make sustainability a core value of the university, pervading everything we do. And we must take that value with us into the worlds we touch everyday--listening, cooperating, inspiring, and acting to create a better climate future.
Run with Jim Ryan
UVA has been promoting science and medical discovery a lot in its communications, which is good, but I hope it doesn't forget the value of a liberal arts education. We have an extremely strong humanities program here and I hope we can figure out how to talk about that as well. It's something that distinguishes us.
Staff & Alumna/us
Cultivate a culture of philanthropy among current students - the idea that giving back financially and/or with your time and talents is expected and the foundation for a strong community. Emphasize the importance of being and educated and engaged citizen no matter what community you live in.
Engaging students in building a sustainable community through green living programs, sustainable building design and events are a low-cost, high impact opportunity for students to learn life-long skills that prepare them for a changing world. Moreover, encouraging students to think about how they use resources will help them connect the importance of their daily actions on the environment, and help them find new and innovative ways to lessen our impact on the environment. Community gardens in residential spaces can serve as both a learning tool and community connector, providing fresh, local food for students and community members alike.
MFA Writing Seminar
Empower everyone with a sense of ownership of this community; elevate our students' vision above their classroom materials so they may see the social meaning of what they are preparing to do; sincerely help our students so they may sincerely help others
The willingness to serve others, the ability to work with anyone including dissidents, and the audacity to get out of our comfort zone are three key qualities of social pioneers. The best way to teach our students is for us to lead by example.

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