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As the University enters its third century, we invite you to help shape our forward direction by providing thoughts on the following questions:


How do we create an unparalleled residential experience for students, in and out of the classroom? How do we strengthen the sense of community on Grounds, with the greater Charlottesville region, and with our alumni?


How do we best enable faculty to discover new knowledge? How do we best enable students to learn about the past, themselves, and the world around them?


How do we provide the most valuable service to the Commonwealth? How do we prepare our students for a lifetime of service, regardless of their chosen fields?

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Trick-or-Treating on the Lawn
Continue to build and maintain a world-class library that provides rich access to materials in all formats. Leverage those resources through thoughtful assignments and courses that require students to engage critically with research resources and formats in meaningful ways. We must cultivate practitioners of critical thinking, analysis and design.
Faculty & Community Member
Identify ways in which faculty research/service interests align with the Commonwealth's needs and those of its citizens. Establish programs that encourage in-state students to settle in Virginia following graduation. As I suggested in a response on one of the other topics, encourage students to participate in Madison House volunteerism. Ensure that the formal curriculum and co-curricular programming stresses the value not only of lifelong learning but of lifelong societal contributions.
Over the past 30 years I have observed that our connection to the state and the nation often feels hesitant. We have the opportunity and responsibility to lead more fully -- to identify problems, to give them voice, to develop solutions, to share with others outside the Grounds and around the world. We must connect our ideas to the communities we serve. This is true in every area of our academic expertise. It is especially true as we work to connect ideas across and between disciplines.
Meeting James E. Ryan
My children's high school requires a specific number of community service hours for graduation - it seems to have become a sense of pride for the school. What about a student led community service requirement?
Alumna/us & Parent
Encourage faculty, staff, alumni and parents to serve as board members on local non-profit boards. Tell stories of stakeholder involvement to encourage others to serve.
I think a great resource for the University is to raise awareness about lesser-known locations and services on Grounds. For example, I don't think many people know that we have two art museums, including the only museum solely focused on aboriginal art in the entire world. My experience at the Fralin has been so valuable to me through learning about all that UVA has to offer, as well as becoming friends with more than just students.
Student & Staff
Rita Dove
UVA's foray into the world of residential colleges with the creation of Brown and Hereford Colleges provides undergraduates with a unique opportunity to be involved in a supportive community of scholars and faculty in a social environment. This strengthens the confidence of students so often lost in the more anonymous communities of their class, program, or dorm. I encourage the University to take the lead in developing the residential college system by continuing to strengthen their support.
Include service as a part of the required curriculum. I was only able to get the personal growth that comes from service after 30 years of corporate work. I would have been a better person if the experience had come much earlier.
More effort should be made to enable undergraduate students to partake in research. UVA has been home to many great discoveries made by legendary scholars, but there is so much untapped potential. Programs to help link undergraduates to graduate student mentors could create a gateway for younger students to get involved in research more easily and make more discoveries of their own.
James E. Ryan
Also think of community as including the network of UVa alumni and friends worldwide. I hope UVa will spend more time "out in the field" listening, sharing new thinking and making connections with those of us not near Central Virginia. There is an enormous level of enthusiasm and thirst to in engage more with the University: in Chicago, London, Atlanta, Hong Kong, Boston, Rome, New York ...
Alumna/us, Parent & Supporter
UVA would benefit from offering a more diverse education in allied health professions. UVA provides a strong foundation for students interested in becoming a physician or nurse, but it is time to broaden our view of health care. As our health care system changes, it is important to think about the growing role of other professionals (e.g. physician assistants, physical therapists, occupational therapists, dietitians, etc.) and how can we support students in pursuing those careers as well.
Staff, Alumna/us & Community Member

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